To ensure that your home’s bathroom works well to fit all your needs, you should keep some considerations in relation to design and space, in mind. That way, you and your family can comfortably and effectively make use of your new home’s bathroom. Here are some of the things you should consider when building or altering your bathroom:

  • Be sure that the supply or waste pipes that you have in your bathroom don’t need to be extended or modified in any way, even though you may be replacing them and placing them in the same position.
  • Keep in mind that having a new floor height will affect the pipe positions, so it’s a good idea to get flexible connector pipes to cater for the change in the height.
  • Remember that all the fixtures in your bathroom require space of around 2 ft 4 in around them so that they can be comfortably used.
  • Never simply assume that your new fixtures’ dimensions are the same as the old ones despite the fact that they may look the same.
  • Install a bathroom exhaust fan to help you improve the ventilation in there.
  • Modify your stud walls for the wall-mounted fixtures.
  • Make sure that if you’re going to get a cast-iron bathtub, you have your floors strengthened. Ask a professional to help you if you are unsure of what you need.
  • When you’re creating a plan for your bathroom, include space for a wastebasket, the measurements for mirror and cabinet heights and more. Ensure that your medicine cabinets can be locked, to ensure that your children and pets can’t get to it.

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