A huge part of your home’s completion is the type of flooring you install in it. There are a number of different materials you can use to finish your home. We want to focus on the use of vinyl flooring for your Almonte Doyle home. It is one of the very popular flooring materials, which now has modern new technologies in texturing, as well as more durability, which gives it a more realistic, modern look.


Here are some of the pros of vinyl flooring…

  • It’s affordable
  • It’s resilient
  • It cushions your underfoot
  • It isn’t difficult to maintain
  • It offers a wide range of patterns, colors and textures
  • It has quite good sound-absorbing qualities
  • It can be laid down without seams, based on the room’s size and shape


Here are some of the cons of vinyl flooring…

  • It’s relatively not eco-friendly
  • It’s susceptible to tears and cuts, particularly when heavy objects are dragged across it
  • It’s a non-renewable surface, unlike a wooden floor
  • It isn’t heat tolerant, so it can get scorched or burn
  • It may become dented from the pressure of table, chair legs, and other furniture
  • If it is sealed or tiled, it may offer a path for liquids to get into the subfloor or backing
  • It’s edges or seams may be visible and alter the aesthetics of the room


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