If you’re interested in decorating your new Almonte Iverness home with some of the trendiest new looks, then we’ve got just the blog post for you. You can alter everything to make sure that your new home’s aesthetic appeal is undeniable. We’ll show you what they are.

  • Opt for a soft and sumptuous look: This includes muted neutrals like soft pinks, beiges, mint greens, light aquas and more. Despite their mellow appearance, they can actually accentuate the look of a room, as they provide a mood which forms the basis for the rest of your room’s design.
  • Opt for a bold and natural look: This includes colors which mimic nature, such as blues like the sky and tropical ocean, greens like the fields and plants. The fact that they are inspired by nature, help them to add lavish color to your home, without being extremely loud and ugly.
  • Opt for a heavy and metal look: Go for a contrasting and cooling effect which can bring a highlight just about any color you use in your home. You can accomplish a retro blend when you integrate metallic hardware and other long, shiny metal elements, combining with mate wood furniture finishes.
  • Opt for an opposites attract look: We’re talking about contrasting color combinations, such as soft, neutral colors paired with harder, dark colors; very bright colors with very dull colors; and high gloss finishes with matte finishes.

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