We cannot stress the importance of your home’s bathroom suite enough. It should be one of the most comfortable rooms in your home. To ensure that you make it super comfortable for you and your family, you may have to replace the existing bathroom suite you have.


You may also have to replace your tiled floor with a new layer of tiles to fit the new theme of your bathroom suite. This means that you’ll have to get rid of the old bathroom fixtures, replace your tiles and then replace your fixtures. Another tip for removing your fixtures is to move out the sink and toilet before you attempt to remove the bathtub.


Here are some of the other order of work considerations you should focus on when replacing your bathroom suite:

  • First, you need to reroute or extend your plumbing.
  • Second, you need to do a route wiring, remembering not to wire in any new equipment. You should replace the subfloor if that’s needed.
  • Now, install your shower tray and bathtub.
  • You can now install your shower mixer valve’s base into the wall.
  • Fifth of all, you need to complete any tiling on the floor/walls and do painting if you need to.
  • Now, go ahead and install the toilet and sink, as well as the shower and cubicle.
  • Lay on your bathroom suite’s soft flooring.
  • Then you can install your electrical items.
  • Finally, use bathroom caulk to seal all the joints.


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